Monday, May 31, 2010

Trip...and work.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tennessee. Definitely moving there as soon as possible.

And then there was the beach! I don't know why people are so drawn to the beach..but we are. I've been waiting to go forever so the minute I got to Florida, I did. And it was wonderful!

12 hours is an awful long time to work...good thing I only worked 11.
Before we can officially start working, we have to take an assessment: written and job performance. I had three days of training and then my assessment was on Saturday. I passed beautifully, obviously and yesterday was my first ridiculously long shift. I was scheduled 5:45 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Ugh! The park was open until 3 a.m. Can you believe 3!! Insane. Luckily for us there were no cars left in the parking lot by 4 so they let us leave 45 minutes early. Oh yeah..I'm in parking. (I get to drive the trams and on occasion I have to direct traffic/park cars.) At first I was incredibly angry about it; I drove 2700 miles and spent waaaaaay too much money to be in PARKING!! Surprisingly, it's one of the top jobs in the whole park though. Everyone is super awesome so far (even the managers are chill) and it's a pretty lax job. costume pretty much rocks. I absolutely hated it at first, but it's wonderful compared to some of the ones I've seen.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New job.

I started...ish yesterday. I stood in crazy long lines and signed my name about a bazillion times. I guess they're just trying to get us used to the whole Disney World deal.
The apartment isn't bad. Much bigger than most I've stayed in. I have my own room and bathroom..for now. It's kind of great. Two roommates: Diana = super sweet girl, and the other..well, I don't even know her name. I think I've said approximately four words to her: "Are you actually home?"
Today I have some ridiculously boring housing thing and then hopefully a pool.
Tomorrow starts bright and early at 5ish with an afternoon free for a Disney World day of fun.
Things start too early around here.
Pictures soon..maybe.
Wish me luck on my day o' boring!