Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Burrito Mania Twenty Ten.

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. Nothing much has been happening. Sorry guys.
I did tell my mother I had a picture for her..and that was like a week and a half ago so I should probably get around to posting it.

Mommy..I thought you'd appreciate this because of your love of mexican food.
I'm not a HUGE fan of mexican, but this day, a burrito sounded supreme. Unfortunately I didn't know I had ordered a burrito that could feed ALL of Mexico! (I'm hoping my hand helps to show just a little of the size of this thing)

On not such an awesome note, I'm thinking about moving apartments. I'm having problems with my roommate "Sleeping Beauty". As you might remember from an earlier post, she's 21 and somehow has been married for 2 years. This absolutely BAFFLES me! I don't want to talk bad about her, but her inability to clean up after herself is KILLING me! I can't comprehend the fact that someone would stay married to such a child. Why would you stay with someone who can't even take care of herself??? I tried to confront her about it, but that has just led to us not talking AT ALL for the last week. I used to see her as an adult, but she definitely acts like a child and I'M GOING CRAZY!! I can't handle it much longer. I can move apartments; it costs $50 and the possibility of moving into the exact same situation. Apparently when I signed up to come here, I also took the responsibility of being everyone's mother. NOT AWESOME! I don't think I've ever been this annoyed in my life. I'm going to hold out a bit longer, but I'm honestly not sure how much longer I can last. Maybe it's mean to say, but I absolutely can't stand her. I don't know what I'm going to do. We'll see...

Time for grocery shopping and then maybe an afternoon of "parking".

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I actually liked the show.

Why does goulash have to be so wonderful that I completely stuff myself to the point that I'm always uncomfortably full after eating it?!! Grr.
Aside from that, Florida has been treating me alright lately. It's been almost unbearably hot these last few days with only rain for a minute or two. After the 60 seconds of rain, comes the humidity about 10 fold than it was pre-rain. I've actually been training in another location, Auto Plaza, the last couple days and unfortunately there's very little air conditioning. I should only have a handful of shifts there though so cross your fingers that I don't get stuck at Auto Plaza very often. New location means day least while training and that has been awesome. I actually have my nights free which hasn't happened since I got here.

Every few months Disney gets a new firework show. We've had Summer Nightastic for over a month now and I've only ever saw it from the parking lot..until yesterday. Most know I'm not a huge fan of fireworks. Yes I think they chemistry of them is amazing. The idea that fireworks actually work is fantastic, but I figure once you've seen one, you've seen them all. I still think that's true, but the show Disney puts on is incredible. So much work and detail. Summer Nightastic is an excellent show.

Anyway, time for grocery shopping and Magic Kingdom.

Just in case you guys have forgotten what I look like...