Saturday, December 1, 2012

Disneyland Paris

Since almost the moment I knew I was coming to Paris, I also knew I was going to go to "EuroDisney". I am not a Disney fanatic in the least bit, but I do love me some theme park. Our entire group was able to go yesterday but as large groups do we almost immediately split off, never to see some people for the rest of the day again. Having been to Disneyland several times and then working in Florida, it was cool to see how the french does Disney, their take on everything. Something that not many of us even thought about was how weird it is to hear the C3P0 from Star Tours speaking french. I haven't spoken much french lately and I got to practice a bit when asking about ride times, where things were, and ordering food. And even though it was Disneyland, to me, it almost felt nothing like the Disneyland I'm used to. The rides were all a little bit different. It was cool to see their translations of things and how Disney has adapted their theme park to be more in line with how europeans see things/live. Also I never thought about this before, but this is european Disney, it's not just for the french. There were many people there from Ireland and also England. When someone in the states wants to take their kids to Disney, they got to Cal or Florida, and Disneyland Paris is that for them. Yes foreign people do go to the parks in the states, but mostly, they go to Paris. Fun!

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