Monday, November 26, 2012


Du 19 au 21 Novembre

These were two of the cutest little cities I have ever been too. Everything was so cutely decorated. It might sound silly or stupid, but it reminded me of the cute little city in Beauty and the Beast or even just the cutesy buildings at any Disney theme park. All the buildings were beautifully decorated and just had a warm, fun, feeling about them. There was also a mystical fog that laid over the entire town of Strasbourg. Driving in was fun because it was gloomy and rainy..which I LOVE. Reminded me of the scene in the first Harry Potter when the Dursley's leave the house to keep Harry from getting the letters. Then when we got there, it seemed like the cathedral was unending because the fog covered most of the tower and spire. That cathedral though...WOW! It is definitely one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. And at night they light the entire thing and it was absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. Sadly we were a little misguided and told the weather would be nicer than back here in Paris and it wasn't, but we still have a wonderful time. It was freezing though. I have not been that cold my entire time here. Luckily for us it didn't rain while we were walking around. The cold would have been worse then. Our first night I ate one of the best meals I've had here so far. Possibly one of the best meals I've had. I was fortunate enough to eat veal cordon bleu schnitzle just a few miles from Germany. Obviously this means it's super legit and super delicious. Oh man was it good. Not nearly as good as that polish hot dog (which is definitely one of the best things I've ever eaten...EVER) but still really fantastic. I also ate one of the most disgusting things since being in France. I had the world's most terrible macaron framboise. Oh man was it awful. I ended up taking two bites. Hoping the second one would be better than the first. It was not. 

Apparently Strasbourg is home of the traditional Christmas--tree decorating, lights, whatnot and so every year they have a HUGE Christmas market. Every store participates. They set up booths all over the city and everyone decorates. The only time we could take this trip was a mere two days before teh start of this market. We got to see some of the booths being set up and I am soooooo sad we didn't get to say. I could have found some amazing gifts. A couple of us thought about making a day trip out for ththat weekend, the start of the market, but the cheapest train tickets I could find were about 150 euro and that is a little too much to spend just a few hours there. There are several Christmas markets here and I'm hoping to be able to visit all of them before we leave. I just love Christmas so much and it's really fun to see how people in other countries/other cultures celebrate it. As much as I like seeing that, I am really really really excited that I will be spending Christmas at home with my family. I would hate to be away from them during my favorite holiday. 

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